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2nd place in IIT Delhi

'UTKRANT 17', final stage competition held at IIT Delhi.

9 students of Civil Engineering department ( Megha K R , Reshma Narayanan , Sruthy V Mohanan , Veena Suvarnan , Padmaja P S , Sruthy C Radh , Arif Jeseem A A , Abhijith P and Yadukrishna A S)

11 students of Computer Science and Engineering department ( Akhil Mathew , Aneesh V P , Ashish Shajan , Jaffer Saddique , Muhammed Jinoob , Praveen K S , Elizabath Abraham , Geethanjali G R , Neema R Soman , Silpa p and Swathi Solaman)

who were selected from our zonal centre participated in final round competition on March 3,4,5.

The results of the competition was announced on 5th March and the group consisting Reshma Narayanan, Veena Suvarnan,Sruthy C Radh,Abhijith P and Yadukrishna A S from Civil department secured second place. They received championship trophy and silver medal for each participant.

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